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Jersey Shore Collaborative Law Group brings together experienced matrimonial attorneys, divorce coaches, financial experts and other collaborative professionals, who are dedicated to fostering the growth of alternative dispute resolution for divorce in New Jersey. Professionals trained in mediation and collaborative law are more likely to guide couples through a quick and cost-efficient divorce process.  Couples make the decisions and the professionals guide them to a smart and fair settlement without court intervention.

What is Collaborative Divorce?

Collaborative divorce is an alternative form of dispute resolution, designed to foster the resolution of divorce and family law related issues respectfully and equitably, without court intervention. Like mediation and arbitration, it takes place outside of the purview of the court system, with the goal of reaching a fair settlement, but without the pressure and uncertainties which accompany litigation.


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Members of Jersey Shore Collaborative Law Group are specifically trained in the collaborative divorce process and mediation and will work with a couple to reach an agreement by communicating in an honest, open, and respectful manner.  The process is driven by the couple and occurs in a structured and controlled setting which encourages trust and objectivity in the negotiation as they create a settlement that is best for all family members. If children are involved, the collaborative team will work with the couple to settle any issues with the focus on the best interests of their children.  The financial professionals will work with the couple to determine alimony, child support and division of property that will support the family needs. Mortgage and real estate professionals will help with the sale of a home or obtaining an appraisal or refinancing a mortgage.


To begin the collaborative divorce process both spouses meet with an experienced professional of their choice, to determine if the process is right for their situation.  If so, an initial conference will be scheduled and the couple, their attorneys and the divorce coach will sign a document called a “Participation Agreement” pledging not to use court intervention but to work through the process to reach an agreement on all issues.

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