A Family First Approach to Peaceful Conflict Resolution


The Jersey Shore Collaborative Law Group (JSCLG) is a group of professionals from multiple fields who are committed in their desire to assist divorcing couples in resolving their differences without the necessity of court intervention.  Our mission is to assist divorcing couples in resolving their differences without the necessity of court intervention, through mediation, collaborative divorce or arbitration.  

Members include lawyers, mediators, financial professionals, divorce coaches, real estate agents, mortgage brokers and appraisers.  Through monthly meetings of JSCLG we foster the development of cooperative relationships among the professionals to better serve our clients and our mission.  JSCLG is committed to sharing, through public education, the vision of a more peaceful and cost-effective way to divorce.

The members of JSCLG prioritize helping couples achieve a more compassionate, effective and creative divorce that protects the integrity of the entire family and allows for the successful transition to a post-divorce family structure. It is about finding “win-win” solutions to complex problems. These are our core principles.

Every member of the JSCLG is committed to its mission and core principles.  Browse our directory to find a professional member best suited to your particular circumstances and contact them today to learn more about the group and its mission and why seeking an “out of court” divorce is the right alternative for you and your family.  

Legal Notice: The information provided on this website is provided for educational purposes. It is not to be considered legal advice, and nothing in this website shall be deemed to create the attorney-client relationship between the user and any member of the Jersey Shore Collaborative Law Group. No action should be taken based upon the information learned from this website without a personal consultation with an attorney. Before making your choice of attorney, you should give this matter careful thought. The selection of an attorney is an important decision. The attorney's on this site work independently of each other, and their affiliation herein extends only to the promotion of Collaborative Law and the education of the public regarding its use in family court matters.

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