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JSCLG Membership Training Program

 The JSCLG Training Program consists of three parts as outlined below.  Once the first part is completed, the member can be listed on the website as “In Training”.   The Program can be completed within a year.  The goal of the Program is to educate new members on the collaborative process and mediation generally, the role of each professional in collaboration and mediation specifically, and to assist new members to establish relationships in JSCLG.

Upon joining the group, each new member will be assigned a volunteer mentor in their profession to oversee their training experience.

Cost: $250 payable upon joining JSCLG.  Additional cost of mediation training to be determined by training chosen by new member.  A comparable collaborative training program. approved by JSCLG Executive Board, can also be used in substitution for the Chip Rose training Program.  If this is done, the member will only be required to complete the JSCLG Mentorship Program for $100 and 8 hours of a mediation training of their choosing at their expense.

Part I -- Collaborative Training by Chip Rose

  • 1.     Once a new member pays the membership fee, they will receive an email sent to them from Chip Rose inviting them to take the online training.  Attorneys may receive CLEs for this training at no extra charge.  CEU’s are not available for other professions.  The training will be paid for by JSCLG and ordered when the new member joins.  
  • 2.     A Certificate of Completion will be given to the Primary Mentor.  Once complete, the new member will be added to the website with an asterisk denoting “training in progress”. 
  • 3.     Time = 10 hours
  • Part II -- Mentorship
  • 1.     A Primary Mentor will be chosen and assigned to the new member upon joining JSCLG.  Primary Mentors must have at least three collaborative case experiences.  This Mentor will oversee the mentorship and educate on collaboration in general.  Time = 1 hour
  • 2.     The new member will schedule a one-hour meeting with a JSCLG member from each of the four professions to be educated on how that profession operates within the collaborative process.  A list of available professionals will be provided.  Time = 4 hours.   
  • 3.     Shadowing – the new member will attend the initial meeting of the team and clients in a collaborative case as a shadow for training purposes only.  The new member will also attend one meeting with a member of their profession and the clients in the case.    Confidentiality agreement will be created and signed.  Time = varies.

Part III – Mediation

The new member will attend an 8-hour mediation training of their choice and their cost, either online or in-person.  A Certificate of Completion will be given to the Primary Mentor.  Anna Mae Perillo offers a discount of $25 on her training which is offered twice a year.

Please DOWNLOAD the pdf below of these instructions and the Training Sheet to be completed in full by the new member and signed by their primary Mentor once they have satisfied all portions of the training.  When the sheet is complete, it will be given to the Chair of the Membership Committee so they can place the new member on the website.

JSCLG Membership Training Program.pdf

Upcoming Training

More Training Sessions Coming Soon!

Legal Notice: The information provided on this website is provided for educational purposes. It is not to be considered legal advice, and nothing in this website shall be deemed to create the attorney-client relationship between the user and any member of the Jersey Shore Collaborative Law Group. No action should be taken based upon the information learned from this website without a personal consultation with an attorney. Before making your choice of attorney, you should give this matter careful thought. The selection of an attorney is an important decision. The attorney's on this site work independently of each other, and their affiliation herein extends only to the promotion of Collaborative Law and the education of the public regarding its use in family court matters.

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